3, 4, 5 trimethoxybenzoic-acid

3, 4, 5 trimethoxybenzoic-acid

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CAS NO.118-41-2
Molecular FormulaC10H12O5

The hydrogen bond donor count is 1, hydrogen bond acceptor count is 4, the topological polar surface area is 65 Ų and the rotatable bond count is 4 as Computed by Cactus It is physically described as solid. H315 with 98.33% causes skin corrosion and skin irritation, H319 with 98.33% causes serious eye damage and eye irritation and H335 with 96.67% causes organ toxicity and single exposure respiratory tract irritation. In terms of chemical safety, 3,4,5 methoxy benzoic acid is irritant. It is a member of benzoic acids and also a member of methoxybenzenes. For ordering 3,4,5 methoxy benzoic acid please contact us or visit our office in Mumbai.


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